• Maria Nepomuceno / PELO AMOR…, 27/09 – 09/11

    Nepomuceno mixes different elements and is the result of the artist’s new work environment, where a Umbanda center has functioned for many years. The reform of the house, the presence of nature, the references and materials used in the artist’s work processes, the interest in understanding more about religion, all these influences generated a chaos that was being organized in the work “For Love …”, which is naming the exhibition. Love that represents death and rebirth.

  • Paulo Paes / MISSA PARA OS MORTOS, 27/09 – 09/11

    Paes, proposes a transit and a communication between worlds through visual manifestation. There are 4 sets of works that use diverse materials such as Chinese rice paper dyed with ink, bamboo and fiberglass. The series “Os Mortos cantam uma canção” (“The Dead Sing a Song”), “Esquecimentos” (“Forgetfulness”), “Supercondutores sonoros” (“Sound Superconductors”) and the polyptych “In memorian” make up the exhibition.