• / ABRE ALAS 14

    Open wings!

    It is the beginning of a new everything, a startover, so it is the art that rebuilds itself, cyclical, reinventing itself, throwing itself to the challenges of the day,
of our time, historical, political, revolutionary challenges! New ideas and new proposals can appear, paths, questions, answers, colors, forms, meanings … poetry happens every day, every second, ATTENTION! How to get it? How to put it on paper, in the exhibition space? … hummm this name can be annoying … in the living room, in the gallery, in the street, in the world, who knows. At Gentil Carioca, we are sure that the Abre Alas is a place of dialogue open to all.

    2018 has arrived, a year that will be of reflection and attitude. The times are for the attentive. The caravan of artists from all over Brazil who celebrate this Open Wings will begin to pass!

    The artists and collectives selected for ABRE ALAS 14 were: Allan Sieber, Amador e Jr. Segurança Patrimonial LTDA., Angela Od, Bia Martins, Caio Pacela, Danielle Cukierman, Enorê, Gustavo Torres, Ivan Schulze, João Paulo Racy, Kammal João, Leandro Eiki, Mariana Paraizo, Maxwell Alexandre, Nathalie Nery, Rafael Pagatini, Ricardo Villa, Thiago Ortiz, VAV- Vendo Ações Virtuosas and Yoko Nishio.

    In addition to the exhibition and performances of some of the artists of ABRE ALAS 14, there will also be several activities of A Gentil Carioca.

    – An extraordinary edition of Babel #8 will be released and distributed free of charge, it will bring a specially dedicated article to ABRE ALAS 14. With editorial coordination of Armando Mattos, and edited by Bab Bienal, an artistic residency program that started in 2007, BabEL is a printed bimonthly publication dedicated exclusively to the promotion of
    art and culture of the region.

    – Release of “Education Shirt No. 76” by artist Cristina Flores: “Nipple Brooch Nipple” is you using your nipples as brooches. The shirt comes with 1 scissors + 2 nipple decals and the following instructions:
    – Stick my nipple to yours;
    – Cut it around.
    I’ll give you your nipple back just for today, kiss, Cristina Flores.

    – “Gentil Crossroad Contamination”, this time by Companhia de Danças Orientais Maira Mattar, which proposes corporal expressions of scientific-historical-political interpretation, with a language of poetry through dance, transforming not only individual but also social . That will contemplate us with the activation: “Djinis (invisible)”, performance of oriental dances, in which three dances will be presented: the ritualistic dance of the Priestesses in Hieroglyphs, the dance of the stick with influences of the Arab in the flamenco zambra and an impromptu performance with the interaction of the audience.

    – The “Traditional Costume Contest Gentil” + parade. Whoever has the best fantasy and performance wins a courtesy to a night and a half of love in the motel My Corner! Take your fantasies out of the wardrobe!

    – As musical attraction we will have DJ Bruno Balthazar (Galo Preto) and other surprises that we are preparing from 8pm!

    ABRE ALAS 14
    Opening 03 feb 2018 at 6 pm
    DJ Bruno Balthazar (Galo Preto) – from 8pm
    Gentil Crossroad Contamination – at 9 pm
    Costume Contest Gentil + Parade – at 11 pm

    Exhibition from 05 feb to 10 mar 2018

    Visiting hours:
    Monday to Friday from 12 am to 7 pm
    Saturdays from 12am to 5pm