• Opavivar! / UTUPYA, MARCH 25TH – MAY 6TH

    If it had been a sunny morning
    The indian would have undressed
    The Portuguese.

    excerpt from “Mistake of the Portuguese”, Oswald de Andrade

    Inspired by this anthropophagic utopia, OPAVIVARÁ! composes its new exhibition at A Gentil Carioca gallery as a samba-enredo song. Between the heart of the jungle and the concrete city-life there’s a place for unconceivable hybridisms. The earliest prehistoric cave painting told of a people as much as the copies of the Occident modernizing programs. A people that resides in the mixture of the Indigenous people and the European, the Caboclos that have been affected and formed by this encounter. This Caboclos Brazil is the primitivism of the adaptive technology. The tupy utopia consists of devouring the otherness, of miscegenation, admixture and everything that is added in the “pororoca-of-meetings”. The exhibition starts at the street level of the second building of the gallery (Gonçalves Ledo st., 11), in the heart of Saara’s market region, with an ice cream parlor where you can buy Tupycolé, a popsicle in the shape of body parts in many different colors and flavors.

    Following the gallery´s crossroads, down it goes the Remotupy, a caiçara canoe attached to an electric traction tricycle that travels the streets as igarapé rivers; the Abre Caminho is our opening-wing human traction trolley, that flood corners with four buckets of herbal baths full of pajé healer wisdom. On the second floor of the building there are 6 hammocks sewed together to create a place to access Social Networks and listen to the sound produced by chocalho jingles made of PET bottles recycling. The exhibition is completed by a set of three ocas (indigenous houses) with whistles at hand for the public to engage with forrest soundmakind, and DiscoOka, an envolving tupy karaoke room that echoes old dance rituals and the electric feel of a hyperconected world.