Botner e Pedro

BOTNER & PEDRO.  Duo formed since 2003 by Marcio Botner (Rio de Janeiro, RJ, 19070) and Pedro Agilson (Sao Paulo, SP, 1949)

Botner & Pedro deliberately employ simple, almost primitive editing techniques in their video works. This result in a sequence of hundreds of stills, rendering the movements and courses of action somewhat stylized. One of the artists (Botner) often performs himself in front of the camera.  The videos many times develop into performances, installations and photographs.

Marcio Botner graduated in Cultural Marketing by the Superior School of Advertising and Marketing in 2000.  He also studies at the School of Visual Arts of Parque Lage, RJ from 1991 to 1994, where he today teaches as well as holds the position of vice-president.  Together with fellow artists Laura Lima and Ernesto Neto he founded A Gentil Carioca gallery in 2003 and runs the space today.

Pedro Agilson dropped out of his undergraduate course of Architecture and Urbanism at the University of Brasilia to dedicate himself to photography.  He worked for publications such as Istoe and Senhor, among others from 1973 to 2001.  He curates Oi Futuro’s Virtual Photography Gallery in Rio.

Winners at the Salon de Arte de Goiás (2003) and Art Pará (2006), participated in several exhibitions, including: Beyond the Image (2005 Hi Future, Rio, Gentil Carioca (2006, Daniel Reich Gallery, New York) , New Acquisitions Gilberto Chateaubriand Collection (2007, MAM, Rio), Weatherproof – End of Time (2009, Hi Future, and Oca Rio, São Paulo), Connect: A Gentil Carioca (2010, IFA, Berlin and Stuttgart, Germany) Pared Ciega (2011, Room Public Art Siqueiros, Mexico City), the Street, Europalia (2011 M_HKA, Antwerp, Belgium), 9th Gwangju Biennale (2012, Gwangju, Korea), among others. Presented his first solo, ‘It’s Time’, in 2010 at the Museum of the Republic, Rio. The duo has works in the collections of the Museum of Modern Art in Rio de Janeiro, the National Museum of Fine Arts (Rio de Janeiro) and the Art Museum of Bethlehem.